Sapient Global Markets is an active element of Publicis.Sapient, the first purpose built platform designed to help clients address the digital transformation needs created by accelerating technology advances, the changing competitive landscape and the rise of the empowered consumer. We believe we are in the midst of a new wave of business innovation that is compelling companies to both drive growth & improve operating efficiency, all while simultaneously reimagining the way their entire business operates.

Publicis.Sapient was forged to address this challenge by fusing two paths to problem solving – Digital Solutions & Business/Technology Consulting. The platform is unique in combining the leading digital pioneers and thinkers of the past 20 years from SapientRazorfish with the experienced business analysts, proven technology developers and deep industry experts of Sapient Consulting.

Publicis.Sapient is creating an alternative way of working by connecting this diverse set of capabilities in new ways. Most clients access the broader capabilities of our platform via their existing relationship with a Publicis.Sapient business – but we can also configure together to address business problems that are bigger than any one of us could address on our own.

Clients benefit from the Publicis.Sapient platform by being able to access this broader and deeper set of capabilities. The Publicis.Sapient platform builds and shares capabilities across areas such as Consulting, Media/IP/Data, Global Technology Delivery and Content Production. This approach continuously advances our knowhow and allows clients to access the best available expertise to meet their needs.

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