FIMA Europe Takeaways: AI, Analytics & GDPR

Paul Gibson shares his key takeaways from the 2017 FIMA Europe conference in London, including why CDOs must align data and analytics and how GDPR gives you an opportunity to improve you data infrastructure.

Using Design Patterns to Find Greater Meaning in Data

At a time when businesses across every industry are debating how to transform their data into actionable assets, analyzing design patterns through visualizations offers a clearer picture of your data and helps to handle the increasing complexity of your business today.

There is No Such Thing as Harmonization

As regulatory bodies have unleashed a flurry of new rules to enhance greater trade and transaction reporting transparency and mitigate systemic risk, the industry has sought to improve reporting efficiency with data standards. But with each regulation bringing new complexities (and more requirements right around the corner), the goal of industry-wide harmonization may just be impractical.

What It Takes to Operationalize a Data Management Program

As the global financial industry faces lower margins, increasing competition and more regulation, one remedy that can help institutions effectively navigate these challenges is a successful data management program. Yet for many, that in and of itself is a daunting task.

How Data Analytics is Impacting the Shipping Industry

Technological advancements, such as electronic trading in the financial services industry, have delivered cost benefits to many industries while also increasing competition. However, within the shipping industry such a large-scale transformation has yet to unfold, although it’s evolving.

Three Key Factors for a Successful Analytics Program

In every industry and across all departments, organizations are realizing the potential of analytics programs to raise productivity, improve decision-making and gain a competitive advantage. Yet, managing and executing an analytics program isn’t easy.