What is the pricing structure?

A securely hosted offering is available for a monthly subscription, which allows for 5 editors, 1 domain, 5000 Elements and Silver level support (10 hours support per annum). Pricing is tiered by usage.

For more information or alternative deployment models, please contact

Quick Reference Glossary:

  • Viewer—Any person desiring to view the information within Synapse through the web user interface
  • Editor—A contributor of information
  • Element—Each Entity or relationship stored within Synapse
  • Entity – An instance of a concept in Synapse, typically synonymous with a row in a database
  • Relationship – An instance of a link between two Elements
  • Domain—A configured environment that isolates a logical area of interest

What are the implementation and support models?

Implementation of a Sapient Synapse environment varies based on desired usage. There are recommended best practices for users to follow to ensure the implementation runs smoothly. For training, please contact

For implementation support, the Sapient Consulting team will work with you to create a plan and develop a timeline to meet your needs, as well as provide trained consultants to help with the implementation if desired.

Support will be provided for paying clients based on three levels:

  1. Silver—10 hours of support per annum (US hours only, free for pay customers)
  2. Gold—50 hours of support per annum (US hours only, additional charge)
  3. Platinum— Custom support package to support production needs. (24×7, additional charge)

For more information or alternative support models, please contact

Quick Reference Glossary:

  • Support Hours – amount of time spent by Sapient Synapse team to support any query.

How do I get started?

A Synapse environment, which will be hosted on a shared cloud environment, can be created within 1-3 business days. This environment will last for a 30-day trial period.

An upgrade to a paid environment can be performed within 7-10 days on a hosted basis.

To get started, please contact

How does Sapient Synapse differ from other data management platforms or solutions?

Organizations are polarized between providing solutions for either end of the spectrum from business to technology audiences, and most pivot toward one of these silos. Sapient Synapse is unique because it unifies all of the disciplines necessary to ensure best practices are defined and data management requirements are effectively managed and communicated throughout the entire organization.

Who uses Sapient Synapse?

Sapient Synapse is designed to link the demand for data from the business audience to internal focus areas such as IT.

It serves multiple roles within an organization offering unique user journeys for Executives and Chief Data Officers, Data Stewards, Operations Officers, Business Analysts, Data Architects, Software Engineers, among others, enabling collaboration across all user community silos to counter the challenges and complexity associated with data management requirements.

Which industries use Sapient Synapse?

Sapient Synapse is a data practitioner’s tool servicing all industries. Our current clients span these sectors: Capital Markets, Financial Services, Retail, Health, and Government, among others.

What is included in Sapient Synapse Version 1.0?

Sapient Synapse Version 1 currently includes the following features:

  • A web-based version of the Information Mapper to add, edit and view data mappings, data, glossaries, lineage and taxonomies
  • Search capability to locate data requirements across a domain
  • Tree and Ontology charts to provide impact assessment and explore the meaning of data and its relationships, respectively
  • Multi-user support to share knowledge and insight on a centralized platform
  • An Audit Log to provide documented evidence of changes within the platform
  • User interface configuration functionality to create a data structure directly on the front end of the platform

User Guide

Key Concepts

There are five Key Concepts within Synapse that you need to understand before exploring the solution.

Information Mapper

This guide will help you understand all of the Information Mapper module’s features and functionalities to efficiently create, edit and analyze how data is used within your organization.

How to Configure a Domain

Domain Configuration is the process in which you create a structure for your data. By the end of this guide, you will understand how to identify scope, design a data structure and create a data structure in Synapse.

Classroom Training

Synapse management consultants will be able to deliver an onsite half day classroom based training.

Remote 1:1 Advanced Training

Spend time with a Sapient Synapse expert on a specific topic 1:1, for advanced training